Parasailing is a popular water sport activity that is enjoyed by many tourists visiting the Andaman Islands. It is an exhilarating experience that allows you to fly high in the sky while being pulled by a speedboat. The adventure begins with a safety briefing and the donning of a harness. Once you are strapped in, you will be lifted into the air and can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches of the Andaman Islands.

During the activity, you will be towed behind a boat at a moderate speed, and as the wind catches the parachute, you will be lifted into the air, giving you a bird’s eye view of the surrounding areas. The activity is suitable for people of all ages and requires no prior experience or training. However, it is important to follow all safety instructions given by the instructor.

Parasailing is usually conducted in the early morning or late afternoon when the wind conditions are optimal. The best places to enjoy parasailing in the Andaman Islands are Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Port Blair, and North Bay Island, where you can enjoy the thrill of this adventure sport amidst the beautiful natural surroundings.